Welcome to the Lawrence Summer Kids' Camp website!  Feel free to look around at what we are all about.  The tabs to the left should help you out, and email Ryan with any more questions you may have at Oneofthedoors@yahoo.com.


Registration for LSKC 2015 IS NOW OPEN!!!!!

Email Ryan Davis at oneofthedoors@yahoo.com

 to ask any questions you may have, or to get on the waitlist to receive a registration form emailed or mailed to them

 These are the brand new "LOVE LSKC" shirts!  Available for purchase for $15.00!  Please contact Ryan to see what color shirts are availiable. 

LSKC at Holliday Park in 2014.


LSKC at Holliday Park in 2013.

LSKC at Holliday Park in 2012. 

LSKC at Holliday Park in 2011 

 LSKC at Holliday Park in 2010

LSKC at Holliday park in 2009. 

 LSKC at Holliday park in 2008.

 LSKC at Holliday park in 2007.

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